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Here is the table for my Originalfic100 stories.
Breif info on series (as used in the community intro) is at bottom of table. As I write, I will link the prompts in table back to the stories and vice versa. Also all stories will be tagged up the wazoo (I will be using the prompts as tags, plus APS, Fic100, and Loarai as tags).

001Beginnings 002Middles 003Ends 004Insides 005Outsides
006Hours 007Days 008Weeks 009Months 010Years
011Red 012Orange 013Yellow 014Green 015Blue
016Purple 017Brown 018Black 019White 020Colourless
021Friends 022Enemies 023Lovers 024Family 025Strangers
026Teammates 027Parents 028Children 029Birth 030Death
031Sunrise 032Sunset 033Too Much 034Not Enough 035Sixth Sense
036Smell 037Sound 038Touch 039Taste 040Sight
041Shapes 042Triangle 043Square 044Circle 045Moon
046Star 047Heart 048Diamond 049Club 050Spade
051Water 052Fire 053Earth 054Air 055Spirit
056Breakfast 057Lunch 058Dinner 059Food 060Drink
061Winter 062Spring 063Summer 064Fall 065Passing
066Rain 067Snow 068Lightning 069Thunder 070Storm
071Broken 072Fixed 073Light 074Dark 075Shade
076Who? 077What? 078Where? 079When? 080Why?
081How? 082If 083And 084He 085She
086Choices 087Life 088School 089Work 090Home
091Birthday 092Christmas 093Thanksgiving 094Independence 095New Year
096Writer‘s Choice 097Writer‘s Choice 098Writer‘s Choice 099Writer‘s Choice 100Writer‘s Choice

Setting/Universe: A Prince's Shadow (Fantasy, some steam punk esque stuff)

Suck at over reaching summaries....
A Prince's Shadow is the first of a series of novels I have planned, though technically I will be using the prompts in a more character building/world building manner-not much of the stuff I write for it will actually be in the novel.
The story takes place in a high fantasy setting, on the continent of Loarai, which has 4 major countries to it, and focus's on 4 main characters from each nation. Each nation has different gods/religions, magic, and politics, which often causes conflict. The title comes from a poem sung in the nation of Remora a place where everyone is born twins (one supposedly blessed, one cursed referred to as a Shadoechylde), home to one of the main characters called Eyra.

More detailed info might be put up in its own entry later, and minor factiods will be put at bottom of stories if I think the story is to confusing without the info you'd usually know from the books proper.


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