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Will be updating this as my fic100 progresses, but while working on tories the past two weeks I realized there are some confusing things in the stories that need clarification. Usually, a story should, I know, explain itself. The prompt fics, however, are just me dabbling in a larger story I have planned, little things that won't likely make it into the actual story. As such, I don't always bother to take the time to explain things in story.

So, here are somethings to note, most of which are layout/map type things that I might post a pic of to farther help things along.

There are 4 nations on the coninent of Loarai, they are Ustai'Klorr, Remora, Aoai, and Mashinrorn.

Ustai'Klorr is one of the 4 nations of Loarai (continent A Prince Shadow occurs on) the most eastern nation and largest in size though its people are most spread out. People from there are called Ustai (plural and singular) and the language is either West or East Ustai. Religion is a deity/spirit based thing with no God/Gods, and their wizards/magic users are either Seshi'Sni or Loshi'Sne depending on if they are black or white magic inclined respectively.

Aoai is the most western nation, and is actually a collection of sovereign states/provinces. People of Aoai are Aoaixian or Aoaixians, and speak eight different dialects of Aoaix-up till 25 or so years ago they were one kingdom of Aoaix but divided to end a series of civil wars. Believe in 7 Gods of Judgement.

Remora is the smallest nation, and oldest, stuck in between Aoia and Ustai'Klorr-in a massive canyon/gorge at the centre of Loarai. People are the Remoran (plural and singular) and believe in two major Gods and a ton of minor spirits. Speak Eloarian and West-Ustai.

Mashinrorn is only slightly bigger then Remora, territory wise, but most of the nation lives in one massive steam punk like city on an island off the south coast. They are actually descendants of Aoaixian and Ustai revolutionaries back during the First Great War just over a century ago. Call themselves a Republic, and practice Isolationism where they don't interact much with other nations. Speak a mix of Aoaix and West Ustai, and have a newer religion where they believe there are hundreds of gods, all of which are neutral/apathetic in general.
That should cover everything one needs to know to be getting on.


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